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TAMA Marching and Concert Percussion


S.L.P. 14"x7" G-Maple Snare Drum w/ Zebrawood outer ply -Limited Product-

This Limited Edition 14"x7" G-Maple snare drum with Zebrawood outer ply is built on the foundation of a thicker 11mm, 13ply Maple shell, generating a bright sound with increased volume and sensitivity. The exotic Zebrawood outer ply, coupled with Black Nickel shell hardware, makes for a stunning appearance that simply demands attention.

Shell: 11mm / 12ply Maple + 1 outer ply Zebrawood
Size: 14"x7"
Lug: Tube Lug (MTL60BN)
Hoop: Die-Cast Hoop (10 hole)
Strainer/Butt: MLS50ABN/ MLS50BBN
Snare Wire: MS42R14C
Color: Gloss Tangerine Zebrawood (GTZ)

Zebrawood outerply Image

Zebrawood outer ply

Stunning look from the combination of a Zebrawood outer ply and Black Nickel shell hardware

G-Maple Shell Image

11mm / 12ply Maple + 1 outer ply Zebrawood

Hoop Image

Die-Cast Hoop

Snare Wire Image

42 strands Regular Hi-Carbon Steel Snare Wires