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TAMA Marching and Concert Percussion

Fieldstar Marching Snares

Introducing Fieldstar from TAMA
Our new, next generation Fieldstar Marching Snare Drums offer features not found on any other comparable product on the market today. They are significantly lighter than our previous “Premium” marching line thanks to the use of the high-strength magnesium alloy edge rings and aluminum snare guards. The snare throw-off has also been modified to a more conventional, low-profile lever at the bottom of the drum which also helps reduce the overall weight. The Maple shell delivers and maintains superior tonal quality, resonance, and responsiveness under the most intense performance conditions and temperature changes. In addition to these changes, popular and familiar features such as our ‘Buzz Killer’ mutes and "Detachable Gut Frame" were carried over from the previous line to the new Fieldstar series.


MS1412T - 14" x 12" Marching Snare in Satin Black finish


MS1409T - 14" x 9" Marching Snare in Satin Black finish